DMW License No.: POEA-006-LB-011121-R  - License Valid from Jan 25, 2021 to Jul 23, 2024
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To be a recruitment agency of the highest calibre, measured by client satisfaction, employee satisfaction and excellent relationships with Government offices, as well as achieving high annual deployment numbers.


To deliver a quality service to clients, ensuring that each candidate is treated with dignity by Chesham Recruitment Inc. and is carefully selected and prepared, for clearly defined positions, with quality clients.


Chesham Recruitment Inc. operates to the highest international standards, in terms of clarity of communications with clients and candidates, effective screening, selection and processing of candidates and integrity.

Our senior staff have extensive experience in the recruitment industry and personal overseas management experience in various business sectors.

We take extra care in preparing and orientating candidates for their new assignment, especially in relation to the customs, traditions and sensitivities of their new location.

Irrespective of global location, our International Director communicates personally, in great detail, with each client, to ensure that we are accurately representing the specific needs of the client and the specific working and living conditions relating to each particular vacancy. This ensures a clear understanding between employer and employee, on all aspects of their proposed relationship.

To assist employers in their manpower planning process, Chesham Recruitment Inc. issues to each employer's HR Director, a Weekly Candidate Status Report, detailing the precise status of all candidates being recruited and processed by Chesham, on behalf of that particular employer.

We remain an essential link between the family remaining in the Philippines and the overseas employee, throughout his/her period of employment.





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